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Lucchese dominates the Pacific Coast

John Muse´s team obtained for the third time in a row, the Pacific Coast Open.
This time, the victory was against Grant´s Farm , in extra chukker.
Adolfo Cambiaso was considered MVP, and also obtained the BPP prize for Dolfina Noruega.

Lechuza obtains Gold!

Lechuza Caracas is the new champion of the Nespresso Gold Cup at Sotogrande, Spain.
The team, who´s leader is Juan Martin Nero, defeated Dos Lunas by 12 to 8.
Nero was considered MVP, though its worth to highlight Santiago Stirling´s performance, who obtained his third Gold Cup.
HB Polo Team won the Subsidiary final.

Sotogrande Gold Cup

The semifinals for the Sotogrande Gold Cup were set once the qualy was over.
For a place in the final, Ayala will be playing Dos Lunas and Lechuza Caracas against Scapa Sports.
The final is due for next Friday.

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